ParentMail is going to be one of the main methods used by School to contact you. Please see the Parents Portal page for full details.

Our Social Event is on Friday 6 February from 19:30 hrs
A 'Race Night' is included in our Social Event. You can buy a horse before the evening for £5 and you have the opportunity to win £20! Don't miss out on the excitement of being a race horse owner on the night! We need your horse name and money by Tuesday 3 February. Please contact School for more information.

Year 11 Parents' Evening is on is on Thursday 5 February 17:00-20:00 hrs

What's on this week

  • 26/01/2015Year 9 Formal Assessment Exams
  • 30/01/2015Year 11 DTP and MEN C immunisations
  • 30/01/2015Year 11 Annual Reports to Parents
  • 04/02/2015Balshaw's Association Meeting - 19:30 hrs
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